Sunday, 29 September 2013

First Points

Here you have my first points for the army. 69 points of the 3-dwarf cannon plus heavy armour: 75 points!

Yes, there is one guy doing his necessities and his not counting as part of the cannon dotation. But he joined the cannon team because he brought a friend with an stylish cape and beret: my first clansman, 12 points more!

The base was created with Das Pronto. The cannon balls and the powder charges (no, these are not cheeses) are Das pronto as well. 

The pictures are a little bit too hard because of the flash. I’ll try to use the right illumination next time.

Please comment!


  1. My word, Eduardo - that's a lovely start to a dwarf army - kudos for starting with the cart (and your baggage train!)

  2. Great paintwork on the bombard - are you using inks?

    1. Hi,
      Yes, I'm using old Citadel and Newton inks. The paint is Vallejo and Citadel.

      Thanks for your comments.

  3. Thanks. Agree. It's going to be a long way. Now I don't have much free time and it is difficult to go with such a project.

    Anyway, the next unit is going to be 10 dwarves with crossbows.And I will try to add more to the baggage train, couple of cooks, more drinkers, etc..

  4. Hi from a fellow Dwarf fan, I'll be following with interest.

  5. You need to get yourself over to BUGMANS BREWERY plenty of lovers of OOP dwarf over there. Oh and great start.